Thursday, December 23, 2010

End of 2010 updates

There is not going to be an homage this year like Travis the Chimp got last year.  We will miss Jimmy Smitz, but that is a WIP.

Brewing has all but stopped while 50% of the organization moves East and the other 50% decides the ideal manner in which to continue.

In the meantime:

We held a tasting for Secession Gallery's Holiday Party last Friday to a fun and welcoming audience.  Eden and company do an incredible job of showcasing very talented artists.   Just in case we were worried about our name, the mentions we've seen were pretty funny and supportive.  Same could be said for the audience.  Alas, it could be German right?

On offer, we poured the following:
- Belgian Pale Rye
- At Giza (Oaked Bourbon Porter)
- Annapurna (Smoked Malt Porter)
- Racer 5? (IPA clone)
- Giggy Smile (Brown Ale)
- Berhipsterweisse (Berlinerweisse wheat beer with woodruff syrup)

If a winner had to be declared based on feedback, they are listed in order above.  Tough call since everyone had their favorites and we tried not to be partial during pouring.  In the end, we think they got it right.  Giggy Smile is designed to be aged (it is used as the base of our souring projects) so it was richer than what everyone thinks a brown ale should be.


Bottled Stupid Flander Deel Twee a few weeks ago.  Bottle conditioning will be a bit longer than normal as this one spent over a year in secondary fermentation.  So far so good.  We have a lighter version of Consecration on our hands!

Happy Holidays from Die Hipster Brewing.