Tuesday, August 31, 2010

(No such thing as a) Clone

We've really never nailed down an IPA that we felt worthy of promoting.  That said, we've only tried a few times so just picking up that effort, we found the recipe for Racer 5 IPA in a recent issue of Zymurgy.

No such thing as a clone in our opinion, rather some guidelines to reconstruct someone else's product that we happen to respect.  Our deviations due to available ingredients:  We did not use Belgian CaraPils and we replaced Cascade hops with Centennial.

The recipe (as we brewed it):
10.5 lbs. 2-row domestic Pale
1.5 lbs. Malted Wheat
0.5 lbs. Crystal 20L
0.5 lbs. CaraPils
Mash at 152.  Sparge at 178

Hop Schedule (90 min boil)
60 min:  0.5oz Columbus 14%AA
20 min:  1.0oz Columbus 14%AA
20 min:  1.0oz Amarillo 9%AA
10 min:  0.5oz Columbus 14%AA
10 min:  0.5oz Centennial 9%AA
Dry Hop
1.0oz Columbus 14%AA
0.5oz Centennial 9%AA

Yeast:  White Labs California V