Saturday, October 30, 2010

October Updates, Go!

  • Fairly long brewing drought in these parts as we play the patience game while Giggy Smile, Accomplice! and Stupid Flanders 2 continue to age in their various forms.  Stupid Flanders will be a year old in a few weeks and is coming along nicely.  We'll be bottling that one very soon.
  • The Racer 5 clone is done, bottled and ready to go.  Not enamored with this one and we'll give it some more time to see if bottle conditioning cleans it up a tad.
  • New label/logo is coming soon thanks to some hard work done by a friend of ours.
  • Our Belgian Pale Rye was on tap for the Niner's opening game at our friends Elizabeth Street Brewing.  The Niner's are semi-wretched, but fortunately the beer made up for it.
  • This is our new favorite thing and probably yours: